The right spice
    for (a longer) life" (Alfons Schuhbeck)

    The aroma of over 100 spices from across the world fills Alfons Schuhbeck’s spice shop. He has put together a range of over 80 spice mixes and 20 special seasoned salt mixes, always with an eye to spices’ health-giving effects and benefits for our general wellbeing. In his 26 years as a Michelin star chef, he has become the German master of spices.

    The products created in AdHoc’s partnership with Alfons Schuhbeck stand the strictest of tests in Alfons Schuhbeck’s gourmet kitchen and cookery school and what the master chef himself uses is sure to have enthusiastic amateur cooks reaching for the stars. Enjoy using the Schuhbeck range – tested and recommended by Alfons Schuhbeck!