Magnetic 4in1 mill GIANT


    3x ceramic grinder CeraCut® for pepper, salt 
    and 1x original PreciseCut® for chilli
    plastic/stainless steel/acrylic
    L: 16 cm, W: 18,3 cm, H: 15 cm
    single mill: D: 3,8 cm, H: 9,8 cm
    Design: AdHoc Design Team/Roland Kreiter

    Special features

    Held together by 4 ultra strong magnets

    Use as a multi-spice mill and as individual mills

    3 high-performance CeraCut® grinding mills and 1 original patented AdHoc

    Excellent grinding results due to the high-efficiency ceramic CeraCut® grinder

    Excellent grinding results due to the high-performance ceramic CeraCut® grinding mill

    Mills with continuous fine adjustment from fine to coarse

    Aroma caps to protect the spices and to keep the work surface clean