Pepper or salt mill TEXTURA ANTIQUE GRANDE, brown


    ceramic grinder CeraCut®
    ash wood/stainless steel
    D: 5.9 cm, H: 20 cm
    Design: Gabriele Kaltenbach

    The range with character

    With its haptic surface and natural structure, many people prefer wood over other materials. The typical attributes of this unique material are frequently lost, however, due to excessive surface finishing and covering paints and varnishes.The new TEXTURA range of mills uses the typical material attributes of wood in order to achieve a sensory experience which is unique for seasoning mills. Through the use of a special sand-blasting process on the TEXTURA the structure of the wood is enhanced, which makes working with the mill into a particularly tactile experience.To fill the mill, the top of it is removed upwards. The TEXTURA mills feature the proven CeraCut® grinder, which is made from high quality ceramic and is infinitely adjustable from fine powder to coarse grind. This also enables coarse rock salt or the larger varieties of pepper to be ground reliably.

    Special features

    Fully adjustable
    from fine to coarse

    Odor- and taste-free as well as absolutely corrosion- and wear-free high-efficiency ceramic grinder CeraCut®

    Very special surface
    structure and
    haptic thanks to the
    special sand-blasting

    Removable rotary
    knob for easy refill

    Awarded with

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