Pepper or salt mill PROFI


    high-efficiency grinder CeraCutXL®
    acacia wood/stainless steel
    D: 6.5 cm, H: 19 cm
    Design: AdHoc Design Team

    Produces 4 times more salt and pepper

    With professional chefs and amateur barbecue kings the seasoning has to be perfect and fast. Hot, quick and above all plenty of it – that’s the motto. The PROFI salt and pepper grinder comes in really handy here. It even grinds large quantities in no time at all and has therefore proved to be a great help when it comes to preparing huge portions. For example, when seasoning several steaks at the same time or for soups or broths too. You can achieve this with the high performance CeraCutXL® grinder, a totally new innovation in grinder technology. Compared to standard grinders it produces, believe it or not, roughly four times the amount of salt or pepper!The AdHoc PROFI grinder even processes larger peppercorns, for example allspice or Tasmanian pepper, quickly and reliably. There are eight settings that can be adjusted from fine to coarse. The PROFI is also easy to refill by simply removing the head thanks to the large opening. In addition to all its high-tech properties, it also scores with a great look. The smart combination of stainless steel and acacia wood fits in just as well in any gourmet or professional kitchen as at a summer barbecue party.

    Special features

    For a much better grinding result compared to conventional mills

    Fine adjustment in 8 coordinated grades ranging from fine to coarse

    Extra large odor- and taste-free as well as absolutely corrosion- and wear-free high-efficiency ceramic grinder CeraCutXL®

    Thanks to the large grinder pepper with bigger peppercorns such as Tasmanian pepper can be ground easily

    Removable rotary knob for easy refill