Table lighter SWING II


    D: 6 cm, H: 16 cm
    Design: AdHoc Design Team

    The enlightening idea

    Who hasn’t experienced it: rummaging around in a drawer in the search for a lighter – or burning your fingers when trying to light a candle?Thanks to its balanced weight distribution, the SWING II table-top lighter stands upright on the table, and is always ready for use. The extensive ignition stick also enables lanterns situated in high positions to be lit safely, including candles which are positioned overhead.The reliable Piezo ignition system lights the gas stream at the touch of the button.The lighter is refillable and is therefore designed for long-term use. The fill valve is safely concealed with a sealing cap which can be easily opened using a coin.The size of the flame can be adjusted without any problems thanks to the supplied tool. The polished stainless steel surface features a silk matt and transparent varnish, which means the table-top lighter will not lose its high quality appearance, even with regular use. Finally, the SWING II won’t disappear in a drawer – because for this, the SWING II is simply too beautiful.

    Special features

    Always swings back into an upright position

    Long „neck“ for
    easily lighting up
    wind lanterns, candles,
    grills, oven and many more

    Easy to refill (with
    lighter gas) and

    Tool to adjust the
    flame height included