Lighter extension FIRE FINGER, grey


    with disposable lighter
    plastic/stainless steel
    W: 4 cm, L: 22 cm
    disposable lighter: 1.2 x 2.5 x 8 cm
    Design: AdHoc Design Team

    A sparkling, handy idea

    How often have you found that the lighter you were going to use to light your wind lantern, your stove, your grill or your oven, is too short? Or how often did you burn yourself? AdHoc’s FIRE FINGER – the sparkling and handy lighter extension – is the perfect solution to light all fires without hesitation. FIRE FINGER is a custom-built holder for piezo lighters, with a special mechanism to ignite a piezo lighter from a distance, without getting too close to the flame and without any risk to get burns from the hot flint wheel. The ergonomically-shaped handle is suitable for right- and left-handers. The lighter is ignited by closing the hand. The length of FIRE FINGER is designed in such a way that it reaches into deep wind lanterns as well as into narrow gaps.  FIRE FINGER is supplied with a standard disposable lighter, which can be exchanged. The lighter is fastened by a pivoted securing clamp – by flipping it open, the lighter can be exchanged. On top of that, the securing clamp has a locking position for the lighter. FIRE FINGER is not only incredibly convenient, it also cuts a nice figure with its clean design.

    Special features

    For easy lighting of wind lanterns, candles, grills, ovens and many more

    Special mechanism to ignite the lighter easily

    Ergonomic shape for comfortable use, suitable for right- and left-handers

    Exchangeable, standard disposable lighter included

    Prevents burns by flame or by touching the hot lighter thanks to its length

    The lighter is fixed by a retaining safety clamp

    To replace the disposable lighter, fold the retaining clamp open

    To secure the lighter and to lock the lighter extension, fold the retaining clamp up

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