Toothpick-dispenser STUZZI, black


    acrylic/stainless steel
    L: 8,5 cm, W: 7 cm, H: 4,7 cm
    Design: AdHoc Design Team

    Take your pick

    The STUZZI toothpick dispenser, which looks like a molar, is very easy to use. Simply raising and lowering the tooth dispense a toothpick through the slot in the center. The enclosed design ensures hygienic storage and use. To fill STUZZI, simply lift off the top section. The storage compartment is designed for standard 6.8 cm long wooden or plastic toothpicks.

    Special features

    A toothpick is dispensed by raising and lowering the tooth

    Also suitable for plastic toothpicks

    Hygienic and practical for storage and use

    Can be filled with standard toothpicks (length: approx. 6.8 cm)