Julienne grater VERDURA


    stainless steel/acacia wood 
    grater: W: 9,3 cm, H: 17 cm
    with wooden stand: W: 9,5 cm, H: 16,5 cm 
    Design: AdHoc Design Team

     Indulgent gifts

    Graters are essential tools in the kitchen. They do their job inconspicuously and usually disappear unnoticed into the depths of drawers and cupboards again once their work is done. This is not the case with the VERDURA julienne grater. Thanks to its function and above all outstanding appearance, it deserves pride of place in the kitchen. Vegetable sticks, also called julienne, give salads or served food a really special touch, and not just in terms of appearance. That’s the case with the new VERDURA julienne grater too. Its razor-sharp blade cuts vegetables or cheese into approx. 2 mm thick strips. VERDURA has an S-shaped design, giving it a very elegant and light look. This also makes it easier to grip. Once the work is done, VERDURA is put back into its solid acacia wood storage stand and waits for its next job within easy reach. There are another three graters in this product range to match the VERDURA with the GRANA fine grater, TUFO gourmet slicer and PIU ribbon grater, which are a delight to the eye and to use.

    Special features

    Cuts Juliennes vegetables and cheese for decorating or refining

    Razor-sharp blades for perfect grating

    Ergonomic shape, fits comfortably in your hand

    Elegant storage in wooden stand

    Not dishwasher safe