Cereal dispenser with stand DEPOSITO


    capacity: approx.: 1,5 l
    stainless steel/acrylic
    D: 15 cm, H: 42.5 cm
    Design: AdHoc Design Team

    For depositing cereals and more

    A healthy muesli in the morning, cereals and rice for main meals, nuts and sweets as a snack – that’s what we like. However it’s not always that easy to store and portion these and similar foods. It’s pretty easy to spill quite a bit pouring them out of the pack and many of them don’t stay crunchy and fresh for long if left unprotected. The perfect alternative for this is the DEPOSITO cereal dispenser. Thanks to its modern design the DEPOSITO is an eyecatcher in any kitchen and also looks great on the breakfast table – stainless steel at the bottom and transparent acrylic at the top for total transparency. The chic dispenser doesn’t just look stylish but most importantly it allows for the crumb-free, easy portioning of dry foods. A special aroma-tight lid protects the contents and ensures clean work surfaces. To clean, remove the inner silicon portioning device and wipe out the container. The silicon portioning device can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

    Special features

    Suitable for cereals, rice, wheat, candy, nuts and many more

    The container can be removed from the stand for use on a table

    Crumb free and easy portioning

    With cap to protect the contents and to keep the working surface clean

    Easy cleaning

    Awarded with

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