Coffee grinder MRS. BEAN


    stainless steel/acrylic/plastic
    D: 6 cm (D: 14.6 cm incl. crank),
    H: 18 cm
    Design: AdHoc Design Team  

    Enchants coffee fans

    The fragrance of freshly ground coffee beans – simply wonderful! And the invigorating specialities that confident coffee aficionados make out of them are even more delicious... AdHoc developed the MRS. BEAN coffee grinder so that grinding your favourite varieties is effortless. It works manually using an energy-efficient crank handle but otherwise has nothing to do with great-grandma’s old-fashioned hand grinder with its totally modern and very stylish look in elegant stainless steel and acrylic design. MRS. BEAN is equipped with a high-performance CeraCutXL® grinder that preserves the flavour and produces large amounts. With the help of the six PRECISE+® grinding settings on the outside, results can be achieved from powder fine to coarse according to your preference and depending on which preparation method you are going to use. The grinder container holds approx. 50 grams of coffee beans. The collection container is designed for approx. 25 grams (on setting 2) of coffee powder and can easily removed by unscrewing. As a result, you can enjoy technical features with MRS. BEAN that makes grinding coffee beans a real pleasure.

    Special features

    High-efficiency grinder CeraCutXL® for aroma-friendly grinding

    Removable top part with crank for easy fill

    Exterior grinding adjustment PRECISE+®  with 6 settings from
    fine-grained to coarsely ground

    Capacity: Grinding container: approx. 50 g coffee beans,
    collecting container approx. 25 g ground coffee (grinder setting 2)

    With collecting container. Easy to remove thanks to the screw lock

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