Cooking with heart

    Within the scope of our social sponsoring of Anpfiff ins Leben e.V. in Walldorf, a charitable organization which promotes sports for disabled people, we launched our tea infuser “BIG HEART” for Valentine’s Day 2018. A part of the proceeds per infuser sold was passed to the organization to promote cooking classes and nutrition courses.

    On February 2019 the first cooking class with TV chef Mirko Reeh took place.

    Februar 2019

    Creating joint perspectives

    Since 2013 the association Anpfiff ins Leben e.V. promotes physical activities for disabled people which allow and help them to restart a normal everyday life as well as working life. The „Bewegungsförderung für Amputierte“ (physical activities for disabled people) is based in Hoffenheim and attracts pepole from all over Germany as this project is unique in Germany.

    More about "Anpfiff ins Leben"

    Project PEPINO –
    Charity-project: Little things can make the difference 

    Charity project to support disabled people

    As part of our sponsorship of Anpfiff ins Leben e.V. (an association which promotes sports for disabled people) we launched the Mini chilli cutter PEPINO. For each sold mini chilli cutter PEPINO the association receives 1,- €.

    Mini chilli cutter PEPINO 

    Special Edition - Available only for a short time

    The mini chilli cutter PEPINO is equiped with the original AdHoc PreciseCut®. The PreciseCut® has special stainless steel blades with sharply etched teeth. They are designed so that dried chillis are cut rather than ground. Its small size also makes it ideal for when you are travelling. The aroma bottom cap protects the spices and keeps the working surface clean. PEPINO is also an ideal gift.