25 years at the service of pleasurable moments

    AdHoc celebrates its anniversary

    There’s a bit of philosophy in this brand name. The translation of the Latin phrase ad hoc “made for this moment" or "appropriate to the matter" describes the ad hoc products aptly: you want to pick them up and use them immediately and at any moment. The brand for that special moment is turning 25 in 2020. Nothing has changed in its claim as well as in its expertise to create products for pleasurable moments during this time.

    In the beginning was the idea: to create products that follow the "form follows function" development principle in the tradition of German design philosophy and renowned German companies. Design is subordinate to the primacy of function and AdHoc creates products that intelligently enrich kitchens and table culture. Frank Kaltenbach, the founder of AdHoc, started with a small, select range of purchased goods in 1995. What was already apparent at the time: the core competencies which AdHoc would develop into.

    The fact that the company's own demands could not be satisfied through the purchase and sale of existing products was already clear in the start-up phase. AdHoc products should be independent and offer added value. This requires a separate development and design department. Just two years after the company was founded, AdHoc revolutionised an entire product segment with an in-house development: the first electric stainless steel mill not only made its grand appearance in the then extremely popular "Koch-Duell" on the Vox TV channel but also in the pepper and salt mills’ segment. Today this would be called disruptive capabilities, just like the ceramic knife, the ceramic grinder in the salt and pepper mills or the patented PreciseCut® in spice mills in the following years. Standards that indicate the top level in various product areas today originate from the AdHoc development department.

    The company’s strength is its concentration on selected areas of expertise. As a result, the in-house development and design team repeatedly creates convincing products that set standards in the segments handled by AdHoc. Today the brand stands for impressive product concepts in the segments of spice processing, wine and sparkling wine accessories, sophisticated tea and coffee preparation and precise innovative accessories for food preparation. In addition to the aesthetic, functional solutions for the individual kitchen, AdHoc also offers a range of practical helpers for the HoReCa industry, which, for example, enable stylish preparation as part of the breakfast buffet. The brand's range currently comprises around 180 products in total, a manageable portfolio that can be successfully worked on in a concentrated manner.

    Today, all AdHoc products are developed in-house. Starting from the functional idea, they are led to series production through the design drafts together with the manufacturing partners. AdHoc products are therefore always individual and unique. And they are always one step ahead in their segments. This is documented by their popularity with users as well as the more than 50 design awards they have received over the course of two and a half decades.

    AdHoc has prioritised and cultivated a clear focus on distribution through specialist retailers from the very beginning. AdHoc products can be found in various retail segments, from classic cooking and tableware/household goods retail to design shops, from selective presentations to shop-in-shop brand stores. AdHoc's focus on specialist retailers applies across the trade segments. The company continuously supports its retail partners with decoration suggestions, demonstration and tasting stations or selected promotions. These activities are going to be enriched with further activities during the anniversary year. As a result, the anniversary gives retail partners the opportunity to draw special attention to this specialised brand’s attractive product range.

    Since 2019, AdHoc has been part of the DKB Group, which has broad expertise in the household and kitchen accessories segment. Joining DKB has significantly increased the expansion opportunities for the brand from Mannheim. Synergies, especially in international sales but also in development, create opportunities for AdHoc to broaden the brand's positioning and internationalise it significantly. In the year of its 25th anniversary, AdHoc is therefore looking towards the future. The strategic basis for this is solid.